Fully Licensed Restuarant




Garlic/Herb Bread                $6  $9

Minerstrone Soup             $10

Stracciatella Soup             $10 




Seafood Dishes


                                  Garlic Prawns            $20   $34         

 King Prawns flambeed in a creamy garlic sauce presented on a bed of fettuccine.

                      Prawns Mexicana          $20    $34 

King prawns flambeed in brandy with fresh chilli, tomato and basil. 

                     Gamberi Giannini         $20    $34

King Prawns with cream and sweet chilli, garlic and roasted pine-nuts. 

                     Scallops Zaffirelli         $20   $34

Pan fried scallops in a fresh tomato sauce served on a bed of fettuccine. 

               Scallops St Jacques              $20  $34

Scallops pan seared in a creamy white wine and garlic sauce.

                         Calamari Seviglia      $17   $28

                 Squid rings gently pan fried with fresh chilli, tomato and shallots.

                             Garlic Calamari     $17   $28

Squid rings flambeed in brandy, in a creamy garlic  sauce.


Pasta Dishes


                                   Lasagna                    $18   $22

Traditional southern Italian style. 

                                        Ravioli                    $17  $20   

Veal parcels in our Bolognese sauce.

                        Spaghetti Marinara              $19   $22

Mixed seafood tossed in a tomato and garlicsauce

                        Spaghetti Bolognese            $16   $19

Spaghetti tossed in a Bolognese sauce.

                          Fettuccine Carbonara          $16   $19

Fettuccine tossed in a creamy bacon sauce.

                           Spaghetti Bora Bora         $19   $22

Mixed seafood tossed in a creamy white wine and garlic sauce.

                           Fettuccine Matrigiana        $17   $19

Long pasta with fresh chilli, tomato, bacon and spring onions.

                              Penne Scampi                $19   $22

Short pasta in a creamy garlic sauce with prawns.

                              Penne Puttanesca           $17   $19

Short pasta tossed with fresh tomato, olives, capers and anchovies.

                         Spaghetti Amantea             $17   $19

Semi-Dried tomatoes, mushroom and garlic in a white wine creamy sauce

                     Fettuccine Montebello              $17   $19

Roasted pumpkin and capsicum in a creamy tomato sauce.

                             Penne Fontana                $18   $20

Short pasta with salami, mushroom, olives, chilli and fresh tomato.


Veal Dishes


      Vitello Pizzaiola      $30

Veal in a red wine and frsh tomato sauce with roasted capsicum and olives.

       Vitello Al Limone                $30              

Veal flambeed in lemon juice, white wine and cream. 

 Cotoletta Bolognese     $32

Crumbed veal topped with Bolognese sauce and mozzarella.

Veal Marinara               $34

 Veal topped with King prawns in a fresh tomato sauce.

Veal Maremonte           $34

 Veal medallions sauteed with  mushrooms and King prawns in a cremy garlic sauce.

  Veal Marsala               $30

 Veal medallions simmered in sweet Marsala, mushroom and cream sauce.

Veal Capo Vaticano       $30

 Baby veal with roasted almonds, and semi-dried tomatoes.


Chicken Dishes   


                 Chicken Crema  $30                  

Chicken breast in a creamy mushroom and garlic sauce. 

Chicken Cacciatore   $30               

Chicken breast sauteed in red wine, olives, mushrooms and fresh tomato. 

Pollo Agro Dolce  $34

 Chicken breast with sweet chilli and scallops in a creamy Champagne sauce.

Chicken Saracena   $34

Chicken breast topped with King prawns, fresh chilli and tomato. 

Insalata Di Pollo      $34

 A Traditional Mediterranean salad tossed with a selection of prawns, scallops, calamari and chicken.



Entrecote Calabrisella   $34

 Prime Scotch fillet with your choice of peppercorn or mushroom sauce.



Gourmet Veal                                                       $18/$22

Veal, pumpkin, mushroom, sweet chilli, mozzarella and tomato. 

Gourmet Vegetarian                                             $18/$22

Capsicum, sun-dried tomato, mushroom, olives, pumpkin, mozzarella and tomato. 

Gourmet BBQ Chicken                                        $18/$22

 Fresh chicken, capsicum, spinach leaves, mozzarella bbq and tomato sauce.

Gourmet Marinara                                                $18/$22

Scallops, prawns, mussels, garlic chesse and tomato. 

Super                                                                     $18/$22

 Mushroom, ham, onion, prawns, olives, capsicum, cheese and tomato

Vesuvius                                                                $15/$18

 Hot salami, chilli, roast capsicum, mozzarella and tomato.

Calabrisella Special                                               $15/$18

Hot salami, onions, olives, cheese and tomato. 

Australian                                                              $14/$17

Ham cheese and tomato. 

Australian Supreme                                               $15/$18

Ham, mushroom,egg, cheese and tomato. 

Hawaiian                                                               $15/$18

 Ham, pineapple, cheese and tomato.

Surprise                                                                 $15/$18

Ham, mushroom, capsicum, cheese and tomato.

Capricciosa                                                           $15/$18

 Ham, mushroom, olives, cheese and tomato.

Mexicana                                                               $15/$18

 Ham. hot salami, capsicum, chilli, cheese and tomato.

Italiana                                                                  $15/$18

 Hot salami, olives, anchovies, mozzarella and tomato.

Napoletana                                                            $15/$18

Garlic, olives, anchovies, cheese and tomato.

Side Dishes

Side order of  vegtables               $6


Fresh garden salad         Sml $7.50 Large $12.50


All main course meals (Seafood/Meat)  are served with

complimentary vegetables / salad.



Dessert Temptations $10


Home-made Tiramisu

Layers of Lady-finger biscuits soaked in a cocktail of expresso and sweet marsala and smothered in traditional Mascarpone crema and cocoa.

Double Chocolate Torta

 Lusciously moist mud torta topped with smooth chocolate ganache served warm with lashings of cream and ice-cream.

Cheese-cake del Giorno

 Ask for our delicious "cheescake of the day" flavour the perfect completion to the dining experience.

Italian Gelati

Premium creamy flavours constantly change, so ask our friendly staff for the current selections of fruit sorbet and rich gelato. 

Semi-Freddo Favourites


Tartufo, Cassata, After Dinner Mint, Baci, and Gianduiotto.



Cold Drinks                                           Hot Drinks


Lemon Lime Bitters  $5                                  Cappuccino                      $4

Chinnoto                   $5                              Hot chocolate                    $4

Aqua Minerale          $6                              Flat/white/latte                   $4

Orange juice             $4                             Short/long macchiatto        $4

Coke                         $4                             Short/long black espresso $4

Lemonade                $4                              Calabrese Affogato           $8



Fully licensed Italian Restaurant Launceston


*Fresh food takes time to prepare, please let our staff know if you are in a hurry.

We are Fully Licensed restaurant but you may


A friendly reminder , birthday cakes are most welcome however, a small fee is applied.

We appreciate one bill per table no paying seperately.

Public Holiday surcharge of 10% applies.

Please note, credit charge transactions of $100 or more attract a 2% fee.